Can I service the aircon myself?

can-i-service-the-aircon-myselfOften when it comes to repairing your devices at home, people prefer to do it by themselves. Why? Because people have a misconception that gadgets are easy to handle and repair. While it might hold true in several instances but the truth is that there are plenty of devices that are not as easy to handle as your iron or hair dryer. The larger the equipment, the complex its configuration and the difficult it is to get it repaired. Electronic items like aircons, washing machines and others are not something that should be experimented for repairs at home.

Air conditioners in Singapore are a regular home utility item that is found in all homes almost. The heat and environment of the country is such that aircons are a necessity to beat the heat. On the other hand, the high level of dirt and dust in the air often causes problems in air conditioners as these are the units that are placed outside home. When dirt and dust accumulates on the air conditioners filters and clips, they can be cleaned at home if proper care is taken while cleaning them but there are several instances when cleaning it becomes a task of non accomplishment at home.

When these dirt and dust reach the internals of aircons then blunders are about to happen. While you can definitely clear the external dust and dirt, internals cannot be cleared at home. It requires a qualified technician to do it for you. In fact, the suggested regular services for aircons are not just to clear out the grime and dirt but deeper. Firstly, regular services act like a regular health checkup of you aircon. This means during these services, the entire air conditioner and its working condition is checked for any possible damage or upcoming issues.

Secondly, when these regular services are done, the technicians clean out the internals of aircons which increases the cooling efficiency of your air conditioners, which is impossible to be done at home until you yourself are a service man. Increased cooling efficiency further leads to less wattage consumptions and lower power bills in return which means you get to save much more than you have spent.

Regular repairs keep the internal elements and parts of your air conditioner healthy and well fitted. It results in prolonged life span of the unit and you do not need to replace your aircon again and again. If you are getting proper maintenance and services timely then your ac will run 2 to 3 years more than regular air conditioners that are not maintained well. While there are several steps that should be taken at home to keep your device from damage but then, there is not benefit in underestimating the power of maintenance. Professional repairs are far better and more impactful to enhance the lifetime and performance of the unit. Be logical and think beyond DIY repairs.