Aircon Cleaning

Regular care for aircon cleaning is not a luxury, but a necessity. Regular checks would ensure that a unit enjoys a longer lifespan and optimize performance. A well-maintained unit also helps cut down electricity bills. Nam Sun Electrical & Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd provide aircon cleaning services in Singapore.

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Why Do You Need Clean Your Aircon Regularly?

Do you wish that your aircon keep serving you for a long time? If your answer is in affirmative then you must understand the value of regular care.

  • It is a regular check that helps a lot to ensure that a unit enjoys a long lifespan and optimize performance.
  • Not only this, but it is also beneficial to bring the electricity bill down in an effective manner.
  • Air condition has a tendency to accumulate dirt and dust while operating and it leads to problems. The air filters and condensing coils get stuck with the dirt and dust. If they are not removed regularly, aircon would not be able to cool the area as you expected.

Regular check plays a crucial role to lift up the maximum efficiency. The regular check of air condition allows AC to serve longer. It is not only being said by us but Heating and cooling professional consider the same as well. Air condition requires service and inspection even if you are not suspecting any sorts of problem. There are many aircon service providers serving quality based service to keep your AC away from problems. Being a homeowner, you must keep in mind to change the filter at least once every 30 days.

Types of aircon units that we service:

Description1 FCU2 FCU or more
Wall mounted type$50$40 each
Ceiling cassette type$50$40 each
Ceiling suspend type$50$40 each
Ceiling ducted type$50$40 each
Outdoor condensing unit$50$35 each

*Remarks: For large number of quantities, please call our hotline to request for quotation.

Scope of work for Aircon Cleaning:

  • Cleaning of evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of air filters
  • Cleaning of blower fan wheel
  • Cleaning of fan coil drainage pan
  • Vacuum / Purging of drainage pipe
  • Check setting of the controller
  • Check all electrical wiring connection
  • Check the refrigerant gas pressure by using manometer for ampere and voltage reading
  • Testing and commissioning

Benefit of regular service maintenance for Aircon Cleaning:

  • Minimise the occurrence of system breakdown
  • Improve the cooling efficiency and hence save electricity bill
  • Provide better air quality supply from the system

Aircon Cleaning Terms and Conditions:

  • Price above are subject to 7% GST.
  • 30 days workmanship warranty on scope of work only.
  • Rates above may vary with situation.
  • Response time may be longer during peak period.
  • Exclude topping up of refrigerant gas, replacement of faulty air con parts and chemical overhaul service.
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