Chemical Overhaul Service Maintenance


There may come a time when an overhaul becomes necessary to fix more serious problems than aircon cleaning services and pre-empt future breakdowns. Our team is ready to perform a through overhaul of your system, ensuring that nothing is left to chance and any problem affecting the performance of your unit is identified and solved. A chemical washing will also be conducted to return your unit to brand-new condition. Find out Why you aircon not cold?

What is aircon chemical cleaning? What is the pros and cons

Aircon chemical cleaning is widely popular and high in demand among the new age people, who never wish to do compromise with their comfort at any rate. The overhaul is all about the cleaning of the system in order to enhance its ability.

Needless to say that overhaul is required to keep your system away from serious problems. Aircon cleaning service ensures you that all the required things have been done. A chemical washing is also conducted to serve you the system as same as the new works.

It does not matter what type you hold as we consider all kind of types right from Wall Mounted Type, Ceiling Cassette Type, Ceiling Suspend Type, Ceiling Ducted Type to Outdoor Condensing Unit.

The major benefits of chemical cleaning is that it doubles the life of the system, reduces the chances the occurrence of problem in system, brings the electricity bill down, improves the quality of air as well as regulates the water leakage excellently. If it talks about the cons of chemical cleaning, it may lead to the allergy to people highly sensitive and respiratory system complications. Apart from it, this cleaning is expensive and time consuming too.

Types of aircon units charges:

Description=<18k Btu/hr>18k Btu/hr
Wall mounted type$120$150
Ceiling cassette type$320$380
Ceiling suspend type$320$380
Ceiling ducted type$320$380
Outdoor condensing unit$60$60

*Remarks: The above pricing are just only applicable to multi split & single split system only. For other types of systems, please call our hotline for more information.

Scope of work for chemical overhaul service (wall mounted type only):

  • Dismantling of entire fan coil unit.
  • Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil.
  • Chemical cleaning of fan coil drainage pan.
  • Chemical cleaning of air filters.
  • Chemical cleaning of blower fan wheel.
  • Vacuuming/purging of drainage pipe.
  • Checking setting of controller.
  • Checking all electrical wiring connections.
  • Checking refrigerant gas pressure by using manometer for ampere and voltage reading.
  • Topping up/refilling of refrigerant gas (if required).
  • Reinstallation of fan coil evaporator coil.
  • Testing and commissioning.

Benefits of chemical overhauling:

  • Prolongs the lifespan of the system.
  • Minimises the occurrence of system breakdown.
  • Improves cooling efficiency and hence save electricity bill.
  • Enhances quality of air supplied by the system.
  • Eliminates water leakage.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price above are subject to 7% GST.
  • 90 days workmanship warranty on scope of work only.
  • Rates above may vary with situation.
  • Response time may be longer during peak period.
  • Exclude replacement of faulty air con parts for chemical overhaul service.
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