Contract Aircon Maintenance

Taking up a regular service contract is often a better choice than ad hoc sessions. First and foremost, a service contract is a sure way to save money on regular servicing that you would need anyway. It also means your unit enjoys regular checks and servicing that keeps it in tip-top condition at all times with the lowest cost. With our team able to monitor your unit regularly, any problem can be fixed before it becomes too costly for you. Once the problem get more serious you can consider our chemical overhaul service maintenance.

Regular Air Con Service Maintenance
Leak Testing

Contract servicing rate:

Contract Service Plan
(Min 2 fan coil unit)
Quarterly Basis
(x4 times in a year)
Bi-monthly Basis
(x6 times in a year)
Monthly Basis
(x12 times in a year)
2 Fan coils$200$270$480
3 Fan coils$300$405$720
4 Fan coils$400$540$960
5 Fan coils$500$675$1200
6 Fan coils & abovePlease call our hotline for quotation!Please call our hotline for quotation!Please call our hotline for quotation!

*Remarks: The above rates are only applicable to wall mounted type air conditioning systems. For all other types of systems, please call our hotline for more information.

Scope of work:

  • Cleaning of evaporator coil,
  • Cleaning of air filters,
  • Cleaning of blower fan wheel,
  • Cleaning of fan coil drainage pan,
  • Vacuum / Purging of drainage pipe,
  • Check setting of the controller,
  • Check all electrical wiring connection,
  • Check the refrigerant gas pressure by using manometer for ampere and voltage reading,
  • Testing and commissioning.

Benefit of contract service maintenance:

  • Minimise the occurrence of system breakdown,
  • Improve the cooling efficiency and hence save electricity bill,
  • Provide better air quality supply from the system,
  • Ad hoc diagnosis transportation charges will not be chargeable.
  • “Cheaper pricing for chemical overhaul wash maintenance service if require.”

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price above are subject to 7% GST.
  • 90 days workmanship warranty on scope of work only.
  • Rates above may vary with situation.
  • Response time may be longer during peak period.
  • Exclude topping up of refrigerant gas, replacement of faulty air con parts and chemical overhaul service.
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