The List of Best Portable Aircon Singapore and Its features

They are called portable air conditioner since they are handy and can shift from one place to another easily. The finest thing is that they do not put an extra burden on your pocket, as they are available at the best price. If you are going to buy and a bit confused then you must go through the whole article.

The Most Prominent Design – The 10 most prominent Aircon designed have mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

1. Akira Portable Aircon ACP-91M – This model is perfect if you want a compact Aircon with a good dehumidifier. It is easy to shift from one place to another as per your convenience.

2. EuropAce Portable Aircon – EPAC12C – It comes first at the fingertips since it provides rapid cooling for having an average size of 400 square feet or less. This model works three-in-one way since it comes with Aircon, Dehumidification, and fan. It is easy to operate manually to get adjustable upward and downward airflow.

3. EuropAce Portable Aircon EPAC-10P – It equips with an auto-evaporation system responsible for allowing extended use without the requirement for draining. If one find tough to shift it from one place to another then you may go for placing it on four caster wheels.

4. Portable Aircon EuropAce EPAC14P – There is an output of 14,000 BTU, which makes it easy for medium and large rooms both. Apart from it, this model also comes with an air outlet and adjustable louver. The finest thing is that it comes with adjustable louver. It is manufactured using the recyclable material and that is why it is also called environment-friendly.

5. Portable Aircon Tecno TAC10RC – It is a perfect model for making the 400 square feet area cool and comfortable with its 10000 BTU output. There is the as self-evaporative unit to make possible reducing the need of draining.

6. Portable Aircon Honeywell MM14CCS – The 14000 BTU output makes it ideal for a room having an area of 500 square feet. The in-built humidifier allows it to remove 94 pints of water in a 24 hours period. LED control board serves you the opportunity to adjust its temperature and set the timer. The adjustable window bracket plays a crucial role in maintaining the airflow all across the room.

7. Portable Aircon EuropAce EPAC 12S – To control humidity, this model is great. It is also manufactured using the recyclable material and that is why called environment-friendly. It does not come with Generation function and that is why it is not able to run clean air in the room.

8. TCL TAC12CPA/V Portable Aircon – It comes up with powerful 12000 BTU output to let the area of 400 square feet. The soft-press function the buttons is all set to win your heart. You will love to operate them. It comes with high-energy efficiency rating and handy remote to control.

9. Midea Portable Aircon (MS-12PD) 12000 BTU – The four-pronged system cooling, dehumidifying fan, and heating option come in the model.
There are very limited portable air conditioners in the new age market. If you are going to buy one, you need to keep many things in the mind like what is the size of your room and what about the budget and Different Types Of Aircon and Their Benefits.