Why is my aircon leaking water?

why-is-my-aircon-leaking-waterAircon is a highly valuable household appliance in Singapore and it is installed in almost all houses, shopping malls, offices, schools buses and even the lifts. In fact, it is being said that almost 90% of the homes in Singapore have at least 1 air conditioner system installed in their houses. Now when such is the extent of using these devices, there are high needs of aircon services for different reasons. Today, we are exploring one of the common problems being faced with aircons, ie water leakage. Aircon leaking problems Singapore is a common headache faced by the owners. When it starts leaking, it is quite difficult to understand the real cause behind this. Sometimes, it can be dealt on your own but often it requires some qualified person to deal and find the real cause of the aircon water leaking issues.  Some of the common reasons include:

Poor Installation

Installation forms the basis of performance of your air conditioner and in case, a little carelessness is done, it results in big blunders. Not only will it affect the designing aspects of air conditioner and room but also leads to several other issues. Water leakage is one of them. Do not neglect the importance of right installations while mounting your aircon.

Low Freon Gas

If you ever found your aircon having low gas flow of Freon then it is definitely the cause of a big problem with the unit. Low gas unit cases aircon leaking problems and when this happens, the cooling process as well as condensation process will not be able to be done due to lack of gas content. This results in overflow of the water and thus leakage.

Leakage of Air

Since indoor airs can also infiltrate into air conditioner, this ensures that the air will be recycled into the cooling indoor air. If you spot the aircon dripping water then your air conditioner might be experience leaking air which in reverse results in water leakage.

Ice Formation

During the process of cooling, there are high chances that your aircon experiences come icing, means ice will be formed within the device. When such things happen than the aircon will start leaking water due to melting of ice. Ice can be formed due to several reasons and as soon as you encounter such situations, call the technicians.

Excessive Low Temperature

Getting your aircon work at extremely low temperature causes water to freeze a little bit. This is because aircon is unable to evaporate the water due to vast difference in between in the inside and outside of the unit. This causes water to form foam on the upper surface which gradually starts leaking.

How to prevent?

Use the aircon as suggested in the instruction manual. DO not use too high or too much low temperature. Get repairs regularly to beat such issues from arising and also keep a check on internal condition of your air conditioners.