Why is my aircon smelly?

why-is-my-aircon-so-smellyAircons are known to freshen up the air and bring cold breeze to the room but there are several unfortunate instances when our aircon starts releasing foul smell along with air. Smelly problems often make the owner sick and bas throughout the day. How to deal with it and what are the most possible reasons for the same? Here is a quick guide:

Dirt Accumulation

One of the most common reasons aircon smells is the accumulation of dirt in your air conditioners filters and coils. This happens because as dirt and dust start to accumulate, they product bacterial and other microorganism in the unit. Now when you switch on the aircon, the air will pass through it and cause smell. Unfortunately, most of the aircons in Singapore are not cleaned and maintained properly and therefore, smelly air conditioners are not an usual term there.

Humidity Issues

It is a well known fact that one of the main functions of the aircons is to cool down your room and now many know that air conditioners also help to dehumidify your rooms. High level of humidity in your room results in smelly air. If you have got too big too small size of air conditioner installed in your room then it will be able to cool down the area but unable to dehumidity. As a result, the humidity increases and creates damp smell throughout.

Mold Growth

Sometmes, when you wake up in the morning, you see your windows are covered with moisture. This moisture when stays in your room for a longer time gives growth to mold and bacteria which spreads to the entire room in course of time and causes the area being blown within the room having musty smell.

Leaking Gas

Another significant reason of smell from aircon is the leakage of refrigerant gases. However, you need to ensure that the smell of gas is coming from air conditioner and not from other appliances from your home. Leakage of gas should be countered on time to avoid worsening the condition of other units.

Decomposed Insects or Animals in aircon

Air conditioners, being free form human interference, become a favorite spot for shelter of animals and insects to hide and build their shelter within air conditioners. Thus, insects and birds might enter the air conditioners and got trapped inside and might die after sometime. Therefore, when the animal’s or insect’s body starts to decompose, it starts emitting foul odor.

How you can solve these aircons problems?

As discussed above, factors like lack of regular maintenance and cleaning, increased humidity and damaged air con parts often results in your air conditioner smelling bad. There might be different reasons of smells coming out of your ac but a single maintenance from professional aircon services. If the smell is mild then inspect it yourself and try to solve it by yourself but in case, you do not have much knowledge of aircons then hire qualified technicians today.