Why is my aircon so noisy?

why-is-my-aircon-so-noisyThe noise problems in air conditioners are non serious till the time they start waking you up at midnight, hindering your sleep and attention. If you believe that it is a usual problem then its time to rethink. Noisy problems in Aircon should not be ignored and if you are dealing with one then read this guide and consult the trusted aircon repairing team Singapore to get it fixed:

Aircon Rattling, Clanking and Banging Noise

Clanking and banging noise are not a usual problem and should be dealt with great attention to prevent the worsening of this problem.

Banging sounds: This kind of sound is likely to occur due to certain parts or components within the aircon being faulty. These components usually include the worn out, consistently used parts of the air conditioner system. Depending on the frequency they have been used, they might be or might not get repaired.

Rattling sounds: Chattering or rattling sounds shows that the air conditioner has some incorrect internal part or refrigerant or might be misbalanced refrigerant level. Sometimes it also indicated damaged strings which can sometimes be solved by tightening the components. If problem persists, call the repairmen.

Clanking Sounds: Clanking sounds are a clear indicator of shifting of position of various components and parts within conditioners. This occurs due to vibrations that start up during operation or overtime, causing a shift from its original position.

Humming Noise: While humming noises are common while the air conditioner works but if these sounds get louder than the usual then it indicates fan problem. It could be dirt or grime accumulated or unbalanced alignment of fan resulting in such situations. Getting proper checks of aircons reduces such chances of errors and mishaps.

Hissing Noises: There are several kinds of hissing sounds coming from ac such as clogging of dirt that can be cleaned with cloth. If the hissing sounds are sharp then faulty parts might be the cause. If none of these works then there might be leakage in refrigerant piping.

Screaming Sounds: If your air conditioner is making screaming sounds then some of the component within is facing severe stress. The parts that might be affected by this can include faulty motors, internal components, blockage within system. Get it troubleshoot by experts and qualified technicians.

Screeching sounds:  Screeching sounds from aircond are not an easy problem to deal with. One needs to be an expert to accurately diagnose the real cause of the issue. However, usually people assume it to be a motor problem. When screeching sounds are optional then it means your motor is reaching its lifespan. However, this is not a sure shot reason and you should get it duly checked before getting it replaced.

If you stay at landed properties then you can surround your air conditioner with sound proof material and get it serviced regularly to avoid sound problems. However, these are not the permanent solutions always.