Why my aircon turn off and on automatically?

why-my-aircon-turn-off-and-on-automaticallyWe all might have faced a situation when we came home sweating from outside, facing the hot weather in Singapore and switched on the air conditioner to enjoy the cool air? However, amidst this, we are interrupted by the automatic switch on and off of the aircon. Whether at office or at home, we often come across such situations and get annoyed, unaware of what needs to be done to switch on the aircon properly. Air conditioners turning on and off can be a tricky problem for many and there are several reasons that lead to this situation. However, you don’t need to panic as you can easily call the professional team of aircon to diagnose the real cause and rectify it in no time.

Why your air conditioner is switching On and Off?

Condenser Issues

In air conditioning systems, the condenser forms the heart of the system. It is an essential part that leads to cooling of vapors coming out of the refrigerant gas that in turns help to cool down the entire room. Thus, over a course of time, there will be accumulation of dirt and dust accumulated in the condenser that results in poor flow and blockage. This in turn affects the heat exchange process in the condense reducing the efficiency of cooling process and causes the condenser to overwork. When the same situation keeps on happening for a long time, the internal elements start to get damaged. To resolve it, timely cleaning of coils and fins are required. You are suggested to hire aircon servicing expert to clear the dust and dirt out of your aircon and increase its lifespan.

Compressor Issues

Having compressor also comes with certain problems that result in aircon switching on and off over and over again! The dirt and dust accumulation in this outdoor unit causes heating of compressor, which results in increasing the inside temperature of the aircon. The heat gets trapped inside the aircon and to counter the same, the airconditioner switches off. Thus, apart from regular cleaning services, you also need to flow out the debris, dust, dirt and other elements out from the compressor. This is done via the chemical wash services that most of the professionals provide.

Faulty Internal Part and Components

Just like any other electronic equipment from your houses, Air conditioners also tend to have breakdowns and faulty parts during their lifespan and it is natural to have wear and tear cases as well. While most of the air conditioners have safety precautions to switch off the air conditioners as soon as breaks are found yet sometimes such problems occurs due to faulty parts. Regarding the switching on and off, there can be many parts that are possibly causing problems and you should call the repairs team as soon as you can. While the usual problems in households and offices are accumulation of dirt and debris but we cannot rule out the possibility of such occurrence.