Why Regular Aircon services be preferred?

The cycles of life are felt at the rhythm of the seasons, and as each year, the increase in temperatures gives rise to a ritual that must be repeated every year, the revision of the air conditioning of your home or office, especially if the equipment It is not used as a heat pump in the winter.

Like any other equipment, a system of air conditioning needs regular and professional maintenance (Check out our aircon maintenance cost), which also prevent unnecessary breakdowns, extends the life of the unit and ensures operation under optimal conditions.

Maintenance of an air conditioner should be done regularly. It is about the fan that it should be dusted with a cloth, and also on the filter which is to be washed correctly with soapy water, no detergent, and to wipe with a dry cloth to remove anything that obstructs the passage of air. In addition to this maintenance that you can do yourself every two weeks, have the air conditioner checked annually by the installer?

A maintenance serviceman will concentrate most of his technical assistance on the control and cleaning of the battery which can be soiled by grime. It will also check for leaks in the ducts and ensure proper operation of the electric compressor, condenser, evaporator, dehydrator tank and thermostat.

A good maintenance of your air conditioning equipment should consider cleaning or replacing the air filter, an indispensable action that ensures not only optimum operation but also reduces the presence of germs in the ventilation systems.

It is also important to review and clean the systems and heat transfer plates in the batteries located in the external and internal circuits of the system.

Usually, a serious overhaul of the air conditioner includes inspection of the duct system, to discard or repair water leaking that cause losses in the cold airflow, reducing the efficiency of the equipment and forcing its operation.

Saving and making the investment profitable, the advantages of maintenance

The cost of a periodic professional review, ideally the one indicated by the manufacturer in the technical specifications, supposes a significant saving of money over time since having your equipment operating in optimum conditions assures you:

Lower electricity consumption; Indeed, as with the car, having your air conditioning equipment in good condition reduces electricity consumption, which reduces the electricity bill.

Longer life, conveniently revised, reduces the chances of failure in your air conditioning equipment, as it will be operating in optimum conditions reducing system wear.

Finally keep in mind that just like cars, air conditioning systems suffer the effects of wear and natural aging, which causes more consumption to maintain an environment at the right temperature. Replacing or renewing from time to time an air conditioner can be a good investment over time.

This last point is even more important when we talk about old equipment that does not present the efficient and economic consumption curves of the current generations of air conditioners, which are also less harmful to the environment.