Why your Aircon needs to charge the Aircon Gas?

Normally when an air conditioner does not work we tend, as a rule, to think that “surely will be gone the gas”. This assumption always appears when our equipment works but does not cool. That is, that the two, both inside and outside the machines are working properly but do not notice that cool, that’s when we say that it is safest to do you need a load of gas. After this, we call a technician, come to our house, check the air conditioning and voila!

Before you start let me tell you that if you need a gas charge for your air conditioning it means that you have a leak in the circuit. It is very simple (you can also read: The Necessity of Aircon Gas Filling and Servicing) if you installed the equipment and after a while notes that it does not cool well you probably have a leak in the circuit, especially if the computer is new.

It does not mean that whenever the team does not cool either because of the gas, there are more factors that make an air conditioner do not cool well. And we do not have to come to think that every X time we have to do a gas refill because it is not, moreover, a well-installed air conditioning machine must withstand with its optimum gas load its entire life unless there is an escape for any reason. That recharging the air conditioning every year or every two years is an urban myth.

Whenever summer comes, all kinds of advertising start appearing as: ‚ÄúRecharging air conditioning, gas Charge air conditioner for just XX, etc”. We must take care of this publicity by the same thing that we have said previously. This also applies to cars, which is where most chopped out with this trick.

Assuming that we really need a gas recharge because the equipment has had a leak, it has been repaired and we need to charge it. The first thing to do or to take into account, in case you do not know, is that we must give an empty circuit to remove air from the pipes and humidity.

Once we are finished with the vacuum is when proceed to do the gas charge. Today, with the new refrigerants R-410A and R-407, which are normally carried by air conditioning equipment, they must be loaded in liquid and weight. What does this mean? As you have to look at the technical data sheet and put the kilos of gas that are indicated. In this way, we optimize the performance of the machine to the maximum and avoid problems of performance or performance.

What if we put the gas with the pressure gauge as before with the R-22? For these refrigerants to be composed of a mixture of different gasses if we get into the gas slowly the components do not come in proportion and the operation of the equipment is not correct. If we do this may be the case that the machine marks us on the pressure gauge its optimal pressure but not yield. Hence it is important to make the charge of gas in liquid state and weight.